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So, you know you need life insurance…but how much do you need?

Forget the complicated math and jargon. Use our life insurance calculator, and let us do the hard work for you! Quickly figure out how much life insurance you and your family may need.

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how does the calculator work?

01. Answer some simple questions.

02. We’ll crunch the numbers.

03. Get a starting point for your life insurance needs.

what are we calculating for?


Coverage amount

This is the amount that will be paid to your beneficiary if you were to pass away. Typically, you’d want this amount to be able to pay off any existing debt (car loans, student loans, etc.), as well as help your family make up for your lost income and pay for any funeral expenses.

Coverage duration

Also known as term length, this is the length of time that your policy covers you. For term life insurance, this could be anywhere from 10-30 years. Generally, you’d want your policy to be there as long as you have debt or until your kids are financially-independent.


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calculate coverage

Tips for using our life insurance calculator

  • Don’t know exact amounts? Estimates are totally fine
  • The calculator is meant to give you a starting point.

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our top asked questions about life insurance


This calculator is intended to provide general information about life insurance needs based on information and assumptions provided by you. Because of this, the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the accuracy of the information that you provided. Results may vary depending on your individual circumstances. This calculator does not ensure the availability of or your eligibility for any specific product or amount of insurance.

My Coverage Calculator

Answer a few questions to help calculate your coverage and duration.

Your estimated annual income?

If you're a stay-at-home parent, enter a rough amount your household saves on things like childcare, housekeeping, petsitting services, etc. each year with you staying at home.


How many years of income replacement would you like?

Psst-- many experts in the insurance industry recommend 5-10 years of income replacement.


Your estimated total debt?

Include your mortgage balance, student loans, car loans, credit card balances, etc.


Around how many years until that debt is 100% paid off?

You should have coverage for as long as you have debt.
If you're debt-free (woot!), enter "0."


What's your youngest child's age?

Your policy should last until your kids are financially independent.
If you don't have any kids, enter "0."


Your estimated amount in assets?

Include your savings, retirement funds, investments, etc.


Your amount of existing life insurance coverage?

We want to make sure we account for what you may already have.
If none, or if you plan to replace this coverage, enter "0."


Hey! Looks like you may need of coverage. Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide online quotes for more than $2M in coverage. But we can still get you covered!

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