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Romance in Real Life

September 4, 2018

Finding the perfect soulmate can take a long time, but when you do, falling in love is easy.

Choosing to spend your lives together is a big decision, but when you do, getting married is exciting. Being married, though, is an ongoing process. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s exciting, but sometimes it’s a lot of hard work.


Life insurance may be our focus, but here on the OLC blog, we like to talk life, too. So come for the free life insurance quote…but stay for the relationship advice!


Date your spouse.


When’s the last time you went on a date with your spouse? Like a real-deal date. The kind of date you went on before you got married.

Depending on your style, maybe that means a six-course meal with wine pairings (or at least dinner at a restaurant with no kids’ menu). Maybe it means buying tickets to a rock show even if you’re afraid you’ll be the oldest people there. Maybe it means going to the movies to watch something that isn’t animated and eating all the concession stand junk food you can handle (or the 5-lb bag of Sour Patch Kids you bought last time you were at Costco).


Whatever your date night dynamic is, try to find time to do things that remind you why you fell in love with each other to begin with. Because when you do, you’ll end up falling in love with each other over and over again.


Real talk.


OK, we get it. You want to spice up your marriage as much as the next couple, but while fancy dinners, nostalgic mosh pit injuries, and cavity-inducing movie snacks sound great and all, busy schedules, limited babysitting options, and household budgets are probably preventing that kind of date from happening as often as we’d like. So don’t write off the grand gestures and magical moments as soon as your honeymoon’s over. But DO look for practical ways to fill the space between them, because what really sustains a marriage is learning to find true romance in everyday life.


Here’s a list of date night ideas that even the most overwhelmed, overbooked couple should be able to work with:


Go grocery shopping together.
Wandering the aisles of the supermarket may not be exotic, but picking out produce and bantering over breakfast cereal can actually be pretty fun. It’s a great time to catch up on conversation and confirm important information about your partner. (Crunchy or creamy? Swiss or cheddar? Some pulp or no pulp?) Bonus: depending on your timing and destination, you may be able to score some date night appetizers at the sample stands…or at least pick up a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids for your next trip to the movie theater.

Work out together.
Multitask much? If you want to take care of relationship goals and fitness goals all in the same hour or two, hit the gym with your honey. If you don’t have gym memberships, go for a run, find a local bike trail, or drop into a yoga class. Exercising is always a win, but exercising together is like having a unicorn present you with a gold medal for adulting.

Meal prep together.
Remember those cute cooking classes you signed up for as your sixth date? Making homemade gnocchi and creme brulee may not be your first priority anymore, but you can still bond over packing lunches and swoon over each other’s vegetable dicing skills.

Have a date night in.
If the thought of going out is exhausting, but you know you need a date night, opt for staying in! Tuck the kids (if you have ‘em) into bed, throw on your cutest pair of sweatpants, order takeout, and let the fun begin. If you need some inspiration, order a Date Night In box…or just opt to Netflix and chill. (We’ll leave the true meaning of that phrase up to your own personal interpretation.)

Never stop getting to know each other.


Once you’ve been married for awhile, it’s easy to assume that you know everything there is to know about your spouse. However, because humans are a.) beautifully complex and b.) always changing, healthy curiosity is such an important thing to maintain in a relationship. Keep asking questions. Keep paying attention to details. Keep surprising each other.


Do hard things together.


There’s nothing wrong with dividing and conquering in certain cases, but when it comes to major decisions, it’s almost always best to make them as a team. So talk about finances. Talk about life insurance. And talk about life. We’ll always be right here if you need help getting the conversation started.


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