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Life Insurance: The Most Important Gift You’ll Ever Buy

April 24, 2017

So you’re on the fence about life insurance. We get it. But we hope you’ll take a little time to think about just how valuable an affordable life insurance policy can be to you and your family.

When you have something good, you want to protect it. We all do!

We cover up our sleek rose gold phones with thick rubber cases so they won’t shatter when we inevitably drop them. We slather on SPF 70 when we go to the pool. We install security systems for our homes, and we buy anti-virus software for our computers.

But whether it’s brick walls or firewalls, we know that what we’re really protecting is what’s behind them.

So what’s behind YOU? Or more importantly, what would you leave behind? WHO would you leave behind?

If something should happen to you, there would be broken hearts. You can’t prevent that. But what you CAN prevent is broken lives.

A life insurance policy means that your family will have the space they need to heal should they lose you. It means that money won’t get in the way of mourning.

The Quiet Comfort of Financial Stability

Chances are, providing for your family means more to you than just keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.

Maybe your income as a working parent means that your daughter gets to ride to soccer practice in a safe vehicle, and that her team has uniforms to wear. Maybe your presence as a stay-at-home parent means that your household saves thousands of dollars a year on childcare. Maybe your part-time job allows you and your spouse to travel or to maintain gym memberships or just to order takeout on the nights you don’t feel like cooking.

Whatever your contribution is to your family’s financial well being, don’t underestimate the impact its absence would have.

The Cost of Saying Goodbye

While it’s never something anyone really wants to think about, another huge reason to consider life insurance is to make sure your final expenses are taken care of. 

The average cost of a funeral is about $10,000, and even if your family is pretty financially stable, that’s a large sum to come up with, especially in the cold chaos of an unexpected tragedy.

Debts Don’t Disappear

Studies show that the average American household has over $15,000 in consumer debt. This doesn’t include mortgages, car payments, or student loans...just credit card debts, etc.

Life insurance means that when you leave those debts behind, you also leave your loved ones the means to repay them.

If there are people who count on you, making affordable family life insurance a priority is such a good idea.

If you have trouble justifying the expense, think of it as a gift...because that’s exactly what it is. Life insurance gives your family the gift of ongoing financial security. And it gives you the gift of knowing that even when you’re gone, your ability to take care of the people you love won’t be.

We know you have the love part covered...let us help with the logistics. Visit ourlifecovered.com to find an affordable family life insurance policy today!

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