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Happy National Life Insurance Day!

May 2, 2018

You probably aren't busy decorating your house for National Life Insurance Day right now. There won't be a parade or a fireworks display in your hometown, and in all likelihood, you won't be exchanging gifts or celebrating with cake and ice cream. There's a very good chance that it isn't even on your calendar, let alone on your radar. So let's fix that: go ahead and mark May 2 "National Life Insurance Day". If you're curious (and of course you are), that's the day on which, in 1759, Life Insurance first became available in the United States.


While it might not be the most festive holiday, National Life Insurance Day is one you should really think about observing. Even if you already carry life insurance, this day can serve as an annual reminder to check in and make sure that you still have the right coverage for your family’s current financial circumstances and future financial needs.


We know we need it, but we don’t always have it.


You’re probably at least vaguely familiar with the purpose of life insurance. It’s been around since the 1700's, after all. So most of us know that the purpose of life insurance is to take care of the people who depend on us after we die. Most of us have people who depend on us. And none of us are immortal. But somehow, about 40% of us don’t have life insurance.


Sometimes we have it, but we don’t know how much we need.


If you’re among the 60-ish% of Americans who carry some form of life insurance, that’s great…however, the 2017 Insurance Barometer Study by LIMRA & Life Happens indicates that 1 in 3 people who DO have life insurance don’t think they have enough. Research shows that there’s an average gap of nearly $300,000 between the coverage we have and the coverage we may need. All that might just seem like a bunch of numbers, but what it really means is that if something happened to you, your family’s financial stability might not be as secure as you think.


If you’re relying on group life insurance provided by your employer, consider reinforcing it with an individual policy. The combined benefits will help fill that coverage gap, and if you were to lose your job, you’d still have some protection for your loved ones in place while you figure out what’s next.


When we don't have it, we don’t always know why.


If you don’t have any life insurance, take a moment to think about why. Sure, it’s not the most warm and fuzzy thing on your “To Do Eventually” list, but chances are, your lack of coverage is probably cost-related. While we realize sticking to your household budget can be challenging, finding affordable life insurance may be easier than you think. Most people overestimate the cost by a long shot, thinking that a policy will cost up to three times what it actually does.


If you’re a relatively healthy non-smoking woman in your 30s, you may be able to find life insurance for less than you spend on your face every day. That’s right…on average, American women apply $8 worth of skincare products and cosmetics daily, and depending on your needs, you may be able to find a life insurance policy for a fraction of that. So whether you like a classic foundation or you’re more of a tinted moisturizer girl, there’s another kind of coverage you should consider next time you’re doing your makeup.


Ready to celebrate National Life Insurance Day? Party’s at our place!


Life insurance can help cover everything from final expenses to student loan debt to the mortgage on your family’s home. It can provide security for your business partner if you’re a small business owner. It can help ensure that your kids get to go to college even if, for some tragic reason, you’re not around to help them move into their dorm rooms. And in addition to all the things life insurance can do after you die, there’s one very important thing it can do from the moment you buy it: provide immense peace of mind.


So what better way to celebrate this holiday you probably just learned about than by visiting our free quote page or giving our experts a call at 888-828-9760? We’d be thrilled to help you find the coverage you need to protect your family and bring you peace.

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