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Facing the Facts: Mustaches and Men’s Health

November 1, 2017

Ah, November…the month that we all ask ourselves, “Where did this year GO?!” and then desperately try to knock out the last 75% of our New Year’s resolutions while seamlessly transitioning from one holiday to the next without any sugar-induced meltdowns, dry turkeys, or twinkle light-related injuries. It’s also a month during which even the most well-groomed men in your life may abruptly go rogue with their facial hair.

New look for a better outlook

So what’s up with all the stubble and scruff? Why does every guy in your office suddenly look like either a.) He’s on his way to audition for Shaggy in a theatrical production of Scooby Doo; or b.) He’s trying out a bold new look that can only be described as Tom Selleck-chic? While some men do choose to grow a beard in the winter for practical purposes (why wouldn’t you want a built-in sweater on your face when it’s cold outside), chances are, this sudden shift in shaving habits is a show of support for men’s health awareness.

In October, everything is pink for breast cancer awareness, but when the calendar page flips, things get a little…hairy. There are actually two different campaigns/organizations devoted to raising awareness about men’s health during the month of November, but (probably because they both involve facial hair) they are often referred to interchangeably. This beard blogger (because that’s a thing…and you thought life insurance blogging was funny) explains the difference in detail, but here’s a quick overview.


Movember has been around since 2003 and originally focused on prostate cancer awareness, but has since expanded to cover men’s health in general, including testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide awareness. The idea is basically to grow a mustache (or “MOustache,” as it’s spelled in Australia where the concept was created) during the month of November and to create a fundraiser around the experience. There’s also a component called “Move” that uses personal fitness goals as the basis for fundraising, so you can participate even if a mustache isn’t in the cards.

No-Shave November

No-Shave November is a little more specific in its cause and a little less specific in its grooming instructions. This organization was created to raise cancer awareness (colorectal cancer in particular), and the concept is that you forgo shaving altogether for the month. In addition to creating a fundraiser to gather donations, participants are encouraged to donate any funds they would have spent on shaving supplies (which can seriously mount up for a guy who likes to treat his face to the 5-blade razors and the moisturizing shave gel) to the cause.

We mustache for your help!

So you can get involved by: growing a mustache (or throwing on a faux-stache); giving up shaving for the month (which you can totally do as a woman as well, although depending on how chilly November is where you live, only you and those closest to you might know that you’ve given it up); upping your fitness game; or donating to a friend or family member’s fundraiser. Maybe your contribution is just agreeing to still kiss your guy goodnight no matter how scratchy his face gets this November. Whether you formally participate or not, though, it’s a good time to think about the important men in your life and all of the different ways you can help them stay healthy, physically and mentally.

Maybe this means the affectionate awkwardness of encouraging your stubborn dad to get that colonoscopy his doctor recommended, or quietly acknowledging your brother’s anxiety and helping him find a therapist. Maybe it means committing to early morning jogs with your husband, and being the one who pulls the covers off on the days you’d both rather stay in bed. Maybe it means teaching your four-year-old son about the importance of eating well and exercising by offering him healthy snacks and running around the playground with him every chance you get.

Breathe easy…

Another really effective way to help keep each other healthy is to reduce stress. Maybe it means adjusting the monthly budget to speed up student loan repayment…or to take an amazing vacation. Maybe it means getting rid of something, like a bad habit or a worrisome mole or that pile of junk in the garage. Maybe it means adding something, like a yoga class or a cozy new set of flannel sheets or a reliable life insurance policy. There’s no better goal than doing what you can to prevent bad things from happening to yourself and the people you love. But there’s no better feeling than knowing that, if something DID happen, your family would be protected.

The women at Our Life Covered are happy to support and advocate for the men in our lives and the men in your life this November. And we’re happy to help YOU, when you’re ready, find affordable life insurance that lets you breathe a sigh of relief and get back to making the world a better place.

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