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3 Reasons Moms Should Consider Life Insurance

May 11, 2019

Being a mother is both a deeply personal experience and one with a lot of universal elements.


If you’ve ever looked at the comments section of a mom-themed meme or blog post, you probably know that even the most seemingly-relatable content can inspire an uproar about the “right” way to be a parent.


We’re not here to start a debate. We have no idea whether feeding your kids organic fruit snacks instead of regular ones will have any long-term effects on their health.


Will those fish oil gummy vitamins translate to higher ACT scores someday? No clue.


Will the chicken nuggets your little clean-eating angel had at Grandma’s house ruin her forever? We can’t be totally sure, but we suspect the answer is a resounding no.


However, as many different approaches to parenting as there are, we would like to boldly suggest that there may be at least one thing every mom should consider: life insurance.


Overall, only 56% of women own life insurance compared to around 66% of men. Maybe even more concerning is that the average amount of life insurance coverage women carry is about 22% less than their male peers. That gender gap becomes even more concerning when motherhood is part of the equation.


So if you’re a mom, we think it’s a really good idea for you to have life insurance. Here’s why…

  1. To help replace the income you contribute If you’re a mom who earns a paycheck, it may be pretty clear why you might need life insurance. Your job may provide benefits that your whole family relies on, like health insurance. The income you bring in probably helps pay the bills—mortgage, utilities, car payments, etc.—and buy groceries, toys, school clothes, vacations, and any number of other things that help make life happier and healthier.Financial stress in the midst of processing loss can leave you emotionally fragile, and life insurance may help answer those financial demands. While there’s nothing that makes up for the devastating loss of a mother and a partner, life insurance could at least help cover some of the costs connected to the life your family’s used to living.

  2. To help replace the services you provide If you’re a stay-at-home mom (which, let’s be real, is an extremely oversimplified term), you should still absolutely consider getting life insurance. If you’re not convinced, sit down and make a list of all the things you do in a day…cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, teaching, driving, etc. Calculate about how much all that—PLUS childcare—would cost if you weren’t around to provide it. If you want to skip the math (we don’t blame you), salary.com has done it for you. They estimate that the average equivalent salary for everything a stay-at-home mother does would be $162,581/year! Life insurance is starting to make a little more sense now, right?

  3. To help cover the cost of your funeral No one really wants money to dominate their thoughts when they’re making funeral arrangements for someone they love, but unfortunately, an unexpected expense of $8,000-10,000 (the average cost of a traditional funeral) can cast a pretty big shadow for many families.Getting life insurance coverage now means that if tragedy were to strike, your loved ones could focus more energy on grieving and healing and less on worrying about how they’re going to pay the funeral bill.Life insurance death benefits are also typically paid out fairly quickly, making them a good option to help cover the urgent expenses of a funeral.If you’re 50 or older and are really just interested in helping to cover end-of-life costs, consider a final expense life insurance policy from our sister brand, Final Wishes Covered. Because we know there’s nothing more valuable than a mother’s time, you can get a quote and get covered online!


Whether you’re the primary earner for your household or you stay at home with your kids full time (or anything in between), your death would have some sort of financial impact on the people you love.

Maybe that impact is due to a loss of income, or maybe it’s due to the sudden need to replace all the care and service you provide. Maybe it’s the expense of funeral arrangements. Either way, it’s very real.


Our Life Covered is committed to helping busy moms find life insurance coverage that fits their budget, meets their needs, and leaves plenty of time for the sweetest parts of life.

Get a quote in just a few seconds, then call (888-828-9760), email, text (636-590-7416), or chat to work with one of our super awesome non-commissioned life insurance agents.

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Camilla Mecher


Camilla Mecher

Camilla Mecher is a content creator for Our Life Covered℠. She lives in downtown Cincinnati, OH with her cool husband, Dan, cute son, Jude, and bad cat, Margot, and loves being a mom in the city. When Cam isn’t writing about life and life insurance, she enjoys yoga, cooking, family movie nights (with popcorn or it doesn’t count), and long walks at Target.


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