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Secrets for Building the Best Mom Squad

March 15, 2019

The moment you find out you’re going to be a mother can be pretty magical, but it’s also the moment that you start mentally writing the long list of things you need to learn, realize, do, and decide. One by one, you’ll start to check them off—birth coaching, baby CPR classes, diapering workshops, lactation consultation, sleep schedules, and if you’re really a planner, maybe a preschool application or two. Assembling an all-star cast of “mom friends” probably isn’t even on your radar…and honestly, when you’ve just brought a brand new human into the world, it may be tough to even imagine having time for anything resembling a social life in the foreseeable future.

But here’s the deal: moms need friends. That’s why we’re here to share a few tips to help you achieve your #momlife #squadgoals!


Make new friends, but keep the old

If you’ve lived in the same area for awhile, and a lot of the women in your social circle are around the same age/at the same stage of life as you, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a few mom pals by default.

While there may be a certain level of self-consciousness that comes with talking about motherhood to someone who knew you before you became a mother (pediatrician visits and play date stories might feel like uninspiring topics compared with memories of girls’ trips and first date stories gone by), these already-established connections can be an amazing foundation to your tribe. Just keep in mind that a well-rounded mom squad has a wide range of perspectives…so keep building and diversifying!


Talk to strangers

Whatever you were taught as a child, and whatever you plan to teach your own kids, we think that “Don’t talk to strangers!” is a good rule to break…sometimes. Striking up a conversation with a mom you don’t know might be the beginning of a wonderful friendship—or at the very least, an opportunity for 15 minutes of interaction with someone whose vocabulary is more than two words and a series of drool-punctuated grunts.

If you’re an introvert, this could be a great chance to work on overcoming personal fears about approaching new people. If you’re an extrovert, this is your time to shine (and maybe help another mom who isn’t so at ease shine, too)!


A walk in the park

OK, so where should you go to talk to these strangers (AKA, “friends you haven’t met yet”)? There are lots of options, but your favorite local park may be a great place to start. In addition to being a relaxed environment with plenty of entertainment for the kiddos, the park is a space that offers up a lot of easy icebreakers and opportunities for small talk.

Chances are, there’s at least one other mom there whose kid is also climbing up the slide, and your mutual gentle admonishments to your little ones followed by synchronized sighs of resignation to each other may be all the common ground you need to inspire a conversation.

There’s probably another mom at the park who, just like you, is rocking a messy bun and gulping a giant coffee like her life depends on it, and seeing those stereotypes reflected in each other might make you laugh and exchange numbers (and maybe dry shampoo recommendations).

Maybe there’s a mom there who’s struggling to put sunscreen on her squirming toddler while soothing her crying infant, and your offer to hold the baby for a few minutes could be the exactly what that mama needs to feel seen and supported.

Compliment another mom on her leggings. Share your kid’s snack stash with her kid (with permission, of course, because food allergies are no joke). Ask her where she got the cool diaper bag or the spill-proof sippy cup or the gorgeous manicure. Don’t overthink it. Just be sincere, be yourself, and let the mom-bonding begin!


Swipe right for mom friends

We may have joked about wishing there were “dating” apps for moms…but did you know there actually kind of are? Here’s a list of five apps designed to help mothers connect, including one called Peanut that’s essentially Tinder for mom friends.

While we absolutely encourage real-life interaction, apps like these—as well as social media groups—can be a great place for low-pressure introductions to happen and initial “get to know each other” conversations to begin.


We’ll say it again: moms need friends

Even if we have the most supportive partners, we need friends who can offer encouragement and advice from a more objective vantage point.

Even if we have the strongest and healthiest of bonds with our own moms, we need friends who are close to our age and can relate to the experience of parenthood now versus 30 years ago.

Even when we feel like we’re starting to get pretty good at fulfilling the needs of a tiny human (spoiler alert: if you’re feeling that, it probably means that the needs of said tiny human are about to change dramatically), we need friends who will remind us to take care of ourselves, too.

Even when we think we don’t have time for friends because we’re living in a loop of two-hour feeding intervals, constantly evolving nap time routines, and endless diapers, we need friends who will come over and make a pot of coffee or open a bottle of wine and just be there with us in the beautiful chaos of it all.


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