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Life, Life Insurance, and the Laundry: We Have You Covered

August 2, 2017

What does laundry day look like at your house?

Is EVERY day laundry day, or do you wait until your whole family is down to mismatched emergency socks and a questionable assortment of t-shirts from 5Ks and science camps?

Do you like to live on the edge and just dump the whole hamper right into the washing machine without so much as checking a pocket or glancing at a tag? Or do you separate colors and fabrics meticulously, unrolling every shirt sleeve and un-bunching every sock?

Are you loyal to your favorite brand of detergent, or do you just buy whatever’s on sale and hope it doesn’t smell like the potpourri at your grandma’s house? Fabric softener, dryer sheets, or those wool balls that always seem to end up lodged in the ankle of your skinny jeans?

Bleach or borax? Iron or steam? Fold, hang, or keep restarting the dryer to postpone doing either for as long as possible?

Sorting Out Life…One Load at a Time

The point is, even something as ordinary as the laundry comes along with enough decisions to send your head straight to the spin cycle. So when you’re trying to figure out the big stuff, like where to buy a home, how to handle your household budget, or what kind of life insurance will provide the best protection for your family, it can be overwhelming at best.

Whether you’ve just graduated from college and are worried about student loan repayment, recently married and planning out the future one piece at a time, a single mom doing it all (and then some) for your kids, a married mom whose current life insurance policy wouldn’t put a dent in compensating for the contributions you make to your family, or anything in between. We’re here to offer advice.

We think that the best way to talk about life insurance is to talk about life. So, you’ll always find a variety of topics here on our blog.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ve covered:


Our Life CoveredSM can’t un-shrink the cashmere sweater that got thrown in the dryer, un-pink the white t-shirts that took a swim with one red sock, or give you the magic formula for getting the grass stains out of your daughter’s softball uniform. But what we CAN do is help simply and expertly guide you toward a dependable, affordable life insurance policy so that if something were to happen to you, your family doesn’t get hung out to dry.

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