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How to Celebrate YOU on Mother’s Day

May 10, 2018

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed with snuggles on the side and a day spent start to finish with your family? Brunch at that cute new place with the smoked salmon Eggs Benedict, even though you know your kids won’t eat anything on the menu except for toast (the crust of which you’ll be dutifully cutting off while your hollandaise sauce congeals)? Or would you rather have a spa day, complete with a long nap while those cucumber slices work their magic on your tired eyes? Maybe a date night with your partner while a babysitter handles bedtime back at home?


Whose day is it, anyway?


Mother’s Day traditions tend to be divided into two categories: there’s the “Mom wants to spend every last second of the day with the precious little angels who made her a mother in the first place” approach, and there’s the “give Mom a break” school of thought, which acknowledges that maybe all Mama really wants is a day off to catch up on all the things she can’t usually do because she’s busy being a mother. Like pedicures, massages, trying on clothes before buying them, and going to the bathroom alone.


No matter how you celebrate the second Sunday of May, there’s a good chance you feel a little torn about it. As mothers, of course we love to spend time with our children…and as mothers, of course we need time to recharge every once in awhile. And when those two truths intersect, the cloud of mom guilt that rises up from the collision is almost too thick to see through.


Mama tried (too hard)


You know self-care is important. You probably remind your friends of that fact all the time. But when it comes to YOURself-care, it’s all too easy to fall short. You carve out time to go to the gym, but then it’s such a pretty evening that you take the kids to the park instead. You promise yourself you’re going to start reading the book that’s sitting dustily on your nightstand, but your daughter’s having a tough time falling asleep, so you read three extra bedtime stories and your book goes untouched. You cook a healthy, delicious breakfast, but then you look at the clock, pour another cup of coffee, and race around getting things ready for the day while the rest of your family eats said breakfast.


Of course you make all these decisions from a place of love, but the habit of putting your own needs last can leave you feeling exhausted and depleted. So pouring everything you have into being an amazing mom is awesome, but unless you take time to refill your own cup (like, symbolically, not just with more coffee), you’re eventually left with nothing to pour. And it’s on those days, when you’re running on empty, that you yell at everyone (and maybe even make a few swear jar deposits), feed the kids microwaved bagel bites for dinner, and cry into a glass of wine after everyone goes to sleep because you feel like such a terrible mother.



Give and take


Motherhood is a beautiful adventure. It’s also incredibly challenging. The #momlife checklist includes items that range from the gag-inducing (wiping bottoms, blowing noses, and cleaning spaghetti out of ears) to the anxiety-activating (driving your kids on roads where accidents happen every day to schools where tragedies could happen any day) to the mind-numbing (teaching your toddler how knock-knock jokes work and listening to your seven year old try to recite an entire episode of Spongebob). Moms are there for everything from skinned knees to broken hearts. From hard math problems to much harder problems that have nothing to do with homework. For unconditional love even in less-than-optimal conditions.


Because as mothers we give so much, so frequently, and so instinctively, it’s easy to get desensitized and to keep setting the bar higher and higher for ourselves. But—and you know this, but we’ll remind you anyway—the happier you are, and the healthier you are, and the more inspired you are, the more you’ll have to give.


Get a refill


So this Mother’s Day, have your cake, and eat it too (that’s a metaphor, but also an invitation to eat cake). Take care of your family, but let them take care of you. Not just because you deserve it, but because they really want to. Enjoy the sweet chaos of waking up to homemade gifts, sticky buns, and stickier kisses. But then let your partner or your dad or your babysitter watch the kids for a few hours. Go to a yoga class. Go get your nails done. Go read a book in the park…cover to cover. Go get a table for one somewhere that you’d never take your children, and eat your food while it’s gloriously hot.


Once you’ve refilled your own cup, go home and revel in how much love you have to pour back out. Read the extra bedtime story, tuck your babies in, and while they sleep, remind yourself over and over again that taking care of yourself makes it infinitely easier to take care of everything and everyone else.


Covering it


We know that even on your most difficult days, the love in your heart will always be bigger than the space on your schedule. There’s no question that you want to protect your family in every way that you can, but finding the time to shop for life insurance can feel impossible when you have the very full plate of motherhood in front of you.


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