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A Seat at the Table: Giving Thanks + Getting Covered

November 22, 2017

Oven-roasted turkey. Deep-fried turkey. Salt-brined turkey. Flaming Hot Cheeto-encrusted turkey. Smoked turkey. Tofurky. No turkey.

There are a lot of different ways to serve up Thanksgiving dinner. But whether you’re sitting around a Pinterest-perfect dining room table eating homemade pumpkin pie or around a wobbly coffee table eating the fortune cookies that came with your Chinese takeout, chances are, you’re spending time with the people you love.

Full Bellies, Full Hearts

When we think about what we’re thankful for, it’s usually people, not things, that come to mind first, isn’t it? So it makes sense that on a day of thanks, we gather together with those people and celebrate the grand gratitude in our hearts. It’s a beautiful custom, to share a meal and appreciate everyone and everything that’s right with our lives, but it’s also a good time to acknowledge the things that could go wrong. We’re not talking about lumpy gravy (that you can fix)…we’re talking about the big stuff. The kind of stuff you buy life insurance for.

We’re not suggesting that you spend your holiday dishing out melancholy along with the mashed potatoes, but take a moment—maybe that moment when you’re walking to the kitchen to make coffee and you look back over your shoulder at the people you love—to consider this: if through some terrible tragedy, your seat were left empty next Thanksgiving, what are some ways that you could still be present? How can you help make sure that the traditions you’ve honored with your family and the blessings you’ve enjoyed together can continue to be a part of their lives even if you are not?

A Love Legacy

One of the best ways to protect your family and preserve the warmth you’ve always done your best to wrap around them is with a reliable life insurance policy. If anyone depends on you—whether it’s financially or as a caregiver—this is pretty darn important.

Maybe you already have life insurance…but do you have enough? There are a few different ways to estimate how much coverage you need, but the most common rule of thumb is ten times your annual salary (and/or the value of the services you provide for your family, which can be much trickier to calculate since it’s probably approaching infinity). Use a life insurance calculator to estimate what you need, then let our experts’ help you confirm and refine that number. You can’t prevent the heartbreak that comes with losing a wife or a mother, but a positive financial legacy will at least leave a lot more space for healing. 

The Go-Tos that Get You There

OK, so maybe you’re convinced. You’re ready to get covered, or to bump your current coverage up a notch. But who has time to do all that research and make all those phone calls this time of year? That’s where Our Life CoveredSM comes in. You know that one holiday recipe that’s SO good no one can believe it’s the simplest dish on the menu? With our carefully curated offerings and our completely clickable journey, that’s what we strive to be. Your life insurance go-to.

The first ingredient in our recipe for protection is a free life insurance quote. So after the dishes are done and the leftovers are all stacked Tetris-style in the fridge, throw on your coziest PJs, slice off one more little sliver of pie, and let your grateful heart guide you to a peaceful mind!

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