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June 28, 2018

Interesting fact about me, for those of you who don’t know me well, I am the oldest of EIGHT kids. Growing up I was always a worrier. As the oldest I felt it my personal responsibility to keep my family safe. I couldn’t imagine my life without my family. When we went to Disney Land as a family I spent the entire time doing mental headcounts. I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose anyone. Since I was the oldest, I got to babysit a lot. I always would make sure the last thing I said to my parents was, “I love you.” just in case it was the last time I saw them. This was back before cell phones and Find my Friends. I was always worried till they made it home safe. 

Now that I am a mom I have (thankfully) been able to tone down my anxiety about losing someone close to me. But the responsibility I feel to protect the people I hold dear has grown immensely. As a child you are so helpless to actually do anything practical to protect your family. As busy moms you may feel the same, but in reality you have a lot more control than you realize. It is funny that I have often discussed getting life insurance for Kris, but it has never crossed my mind to look into it for myself. The other day after Kris and I had a discussion about setting him up with life insurance when he starts working in June next year it made me think. I am already working now, I don’t know why it had never crossed my mind. So I started looking into insurance policies.

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Rachael Burgess

Featured Partner

Rachael Burgess

Rachael is a 25 year old, singer, doctor, wife to Kris, mom of two tiny people, Zoey and Zander, fur baby mama to a little Chihuahua: Rosie-Cake-Love. Her, and her little crew, LOVE to travel. So far they have lived in Hawaii, Washington, Canada, Idaho, Pennsylvania, & New York.

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