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Fashion, Beauty & Life Insurance: Never Go Out of Style

November 16, 2017

OK, who here loves fashion? A lot of us, right?! Whether you’re the queen of jeans or your makeup bag exceeds the maximum dimensions for carryon luggage, it’s fun to express yourself through clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair.

There’s nothing better than going to the mall and finding exactly what you’re looking for. THE little black dress to end all little black dresses. A lip gloss that’s shiny but doesn’t stick to your hair like superglue at the first hint of a breeze. A bag that’s super cute but also has enough space for diapers, applesauce pouches, and the 27 matchbox cars your kid insisted on bringing to the grocery store.

Chances are, though, that little jump in your heart rate that happens when you think about shopping doesn’t extend to shopping for a life insurance policy. Life insurance is one of those things we know we probably need but are never that excited about buying, like high fiber cereal or those weirdly expensive air filters for your HVAC system. We’re here to show you that life insurance and fashion aren’t as different as you’d think. Just sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.

I woke up like this…

Much like your beauty regimen, life insurance priorities can be pretty different depending on the stage of life you are in. Choosing how much coverage you need can be tricky whether you’re buying foundation or insurance, which is why we’re here to help (like slightly less glamorous versions of the staff at your favorite makeup counter).

In your twenties, maybe your skincare goals include weekly Biore pore strips and remembering to wash your face on the weekends so you don’t wake up with fake eyelashes stuck to your pillow. At that age, you’re probably interested in an affordable term life insurance policy that will cover final expenses and debts without digging too deep into the fun part of your monthly budget.

In your thirties, you might start looking for a good moisturizer with a high SPF, but you’re still supplementing your Sephora habit with $10 mascara from Target. This is when you may start thinking about a bigger life insurance policy, especially if you’ve bought a house or had a baby and have more expenses that would need to be covered if something were to happen to you.

In your forties and fifties, you might have a little more disposable income, which could mean springing for that fancy eye cream with the diamond dust in it that you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you’re ready for whole life insurance, which could cost a bit more, but may also carry cash value and will cover you for the rest of your life.

Inspirational Quotes

Say you need a new pair of boots to round out your winter wardrobe. If you’re an impulse shopper (not that we know anything about that around here), maybe you just buy the first pair you see pop up in one of those eerily well-tailored ads in your Facebook feed, and maybe they work out, or maybe you end up with blisters and buyer’s remorse. But most of us like to shop around a little before we commit.

You want to see what’s out there, right? You want to know how much it all costs, and how well it will actually meet your needs. That beautiful pair of Louboutin stiletto thigh-highs might catch your eye, but if you’re catching the subway instead of working the runway, those pretty red soles are gonna have chewing gum stuck to them before you even make it into the office!

That’s why, when you’re shopping for life insurance, the best place to start is by getting quotes. Like the fast, free, personalized ones we offer at Our Life CoveredSM. That way, when you make a decision, you’ll know it’s an informed one.


Have you ever found an old photo or gone through your closet and pulled out something that makes you say, “What the heck was I thinking?!” Of course you have…we all have. Jeans with so much bling on the back pockets it hurts to sit down while wearing them. A clear Lucite purse that looks cute until you put anything useful into it. A picture of you as a child rocking a mullet (cringe)…need we say more??

Just like any other industry, there are trends in life insurance, and they can be hard to see past. To help make sure your life insurance isn’t something you want to toss on the donation pile (or the nearest bonfire) by next season, Our Life CoveredSM offers options that have been positively reviewed by both industry experts and consumers…so you can be sure your policy is as reliable and regret-free as that classic leather bag that you always seem to end up going back to. We also offer a free look period, so unlike at your favorite boutique, you won’t see an “All Sales Final” sign by the register here.

A perfect fit

When you find the right life insurance policy, it should feel like putting on a perfectly fitting shoe after trying on a dozen pairs that didn’t quite do it for you. We’re here to keep going back and forth to the stockroom until you have that glass slipper moment when you know you’ve found THE ONE.

We can’t help you wash out your glitter roots, and we won’t stop you from buying that trendy neon eyeshadow palette, but we can help you navigate the options and offer simple, honest information and reliable, affordable life insurance to protect your loved ones.

Bonus: you can click your way to the answers on our website, so whether you’re wearing sweatpants or a tiara right now, you can head over to Our Life Covered and get started!

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