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Everything We Are: Celebrating Inspiring Women

March 8, 2018

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite you to think about the important women in your life, and all the different ways that they inspire you.

If you were asked to describe the characteristics of an inspiring woman, there would be as many right answers as there are women in the world. Maybe you’re inspired by your mother for her grace, your grandmother for her wisdom, your sister for her sense of humor, or your best friend for her ability to always know when you need a pep talk and when you need a talking-to. Maybe it’s the women in history who paved the way for the life you’re living, or the women you’re working alongside right now to make sure that life doesn’t get anything but better. Chances are, you’re inspired by all of these women, and many, many more.

Vigilant and versatile.

Sometimes, as women, our power is as quiet as the exact moment that a baby falls asleep. Sometimes it’s so loud you can hear it on the other side of the earth. The centuries we’ve spent fighting for everything we have and everything we are, have made us vigilant and versatile. We’re mothers, thinkers, healers, teacher, leaders, and warriors, and most days, we’re all of these things before lunchtime.

If you were to do an image search for “International Women’s Day” (or just click that link, because we already did it for you), you’d see a lot of flowers and flowing hair with a few raised fists and various homages to Rosie the Riveter. Women are often portrayed as soft or strong. Feminine or fierce. Angels or activists. There’s not much space, symbolically or otherwise, for women who reach from one side of these constructs to the other. But a complex woman isn’t a dichotomy or an anomaly…she’s the norm.

We are more than what we’ll be remembered for.

Joan of Arc was a soldier so committed to her cause that she died for it…but she was also a teenage girl who was probably searching for her identity just like we all were at 18. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Supreme Court Justice and an icon of the women’s rights movement, but when she was studying law at Harvard in the 1950s, she was balancing marriage and motherhood with her education just like so many other women were (and still are). 

Emma Gonzalez, the 18-year-old gun control activist and survivor of the recent Parkland, FL school shooting, is a hero. Sister Megan Rice, the 88-year-old nun who has served jail time for her anti-war efforts, is a hero too.

The 26 woman CEOs on Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women of 2017” list are inspiring. The countless women who choose to put their careers on hold—sometimes indefinitely—to stay at home with their children are also inspiring.

You know who else is inspiring? You.

As you were thinking about all the women you admire and respect, you probably omitted someone important: yourself. Most of us are good at finding inspiration in the world around us, but when we look at the mirror in front of us, we struggle to see the best parts of who we are.

So on this International Women’s Day, don’t forget to celebrate the woman in the mirror. She’s pretty amazing.

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