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Adoption: Just Another Path to Love

May 14, 2018

When we think about motherhood, the image that usually comes to mind first is biological motherhood. The excitement (or, let’s face it, sometimes the shock) of finding out you’re pregnant. The nauseated weeks of struggling to keep down saltines and sips of ginger ale followed by the ravenous months of weird cravings and late night bites of ice cream in front of the freezer. Breathing though birthing classes and nesting in nurseries, watching your belly grow and grow until it hardly seems possible that your skin can keep up, and waiting. So much waiting. And then it finally happens. One way or another, your child is born, and you become a mother.


Maybe that’s not quite your story, though. Maybe one of the 135,000 children U.S. parents adopt each year made you a mother. Maybe, like one out of every 25 American families with children, you have a little one who owns your entire heart without sharing a single bit of your DNA.


While it’s certainly not a new concept, adoption is something most people don’t know that much about unless they’re actively considering adopting. This month, as we celebrate moms and all the different ways they take care of their family, we want to shine some light on a less-traveled road that ultimately leads to the same place: the fierce, focused, unconditional love of motherhood.


Becoming each other’s


There’s no question that the experience of having a baby biologically is an emotional roller-coaster, but the process of adoption can be an even longer roller-coaster, with more loops and twists and moments when you feel like the bottom of the world has dropped out from under you.


On one hand, you have more control over certain decisions. You can choose domestic adoption or international adoption. You can weigh the pros and cons of being a foster parent. You can specify whether you absolutely want to adopt an infant or you’re open to bringing an older child into your family. You can decide if you’re up to the sometimes daunting but incredibly beautiful and selfless task of being a mom to a child with special needs.


On the other hand, there are so many factors you don’t have any control over at all. A birth mother who chose adoption during pregnancy might change her mind once she meets her baby. A child you’ve been fostering with hopes to adopt might suddenly be placed back with his or her family. You might have the most loving home and most open heart in the world and still have a tough time getting through the adoption approval process.


Becoming a mom through adoption isn’t that unlike becoming a mom any other way, when you get right down to the emotional warp and weft of it. There’s still the anxious, fluttering excitement. There’s still the busy hum of preparation. There’s still waiting. Usually a lot more waiting than the 40 weeks (give or take) of a pregnancy. Sometimes it’s years of waiting. But most importantly, there’s still that unforgettable moment when you become each other’s.


The protection connection


About half of U.S. families who have adopted children also have biological children, and if you asked, they would almost certainly tell you that there’s no easy path to parenthood. What they would also tell you, though, is that no matter how it’s built, your family will always be your highest priority and your greatest source of joy. That’s why, whether you met your children the moment they were born or much later in their lives; whether they have your eyes or you just see the future in theirs; whether you carried them in your body or carried them in your heart - you know, without a doubt, that you’d do anything for them.


When you’re a mother, being there for your kids becomes the biggest part of every single day. “Being there” means something different for every parent, every child, and every stage of life, but the inherent desire to protect the people we love connects us. The reason life insurance is such an important thing for moms to consider is that, in a sense, it allows us to be there even if the unthinkable happens and we’re suddenly not there.


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