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Don’t miss out on Our Life Covered. Here are 5 reasons we’re the top choice for moms.

November 5, 2018

Dallas, St. Louis, New York City... Wherever you live, find out why moms like you choose Our Life Covered.

1. Compare prices on your own terms (without getting out of bed)

woman-using-laptop-computer-on-the-bed-smComparing prices with Our Life Covered is easy. We’d say it’s easier than getting out of bed on a rainy Monday morning. In fact, you can compare prices and start your application right from that cozy bed of yours (before the kids storm in and pounce on you).


2. Save money by finding the right coverage at the right price

young-mother-with-baby-boy-in-front-of-a-smBeing a mom is already expensive: diapers, daycare, doctor visits, piano lessons, baseball tournaments, college...Yikes! It. Never. Ends.

That’s why we work with your budget and bring you competitive rates from top-rated life insurance companies. You shouldn’t overpay for a life insurance policy, and our competitive rates aim to make sure you stay within your budget.

Plus— Our technology allows us to keep up with product updates in real time. This way, the rates you see are always up-to-date and accurate.


3. Make empowered financial decisions for your family

businesswoman-working-with-calculator-in-office-PK5RG5V-webAccording to a recent survey, only 4% of women stated that they are not involved in their household’s financial decisions. As women, we may forget how powerful we are.

So, let us remind you: You are powerful. You have the ability to make empowered financial decisions for your family.

What kind of financial decisions?

The kind that helps protect your family’s financial future if you were to pass away.


4. Help reduce stress about the future

mother-playing-with-her-baby-smLet’s be real. Before we became moms, did we really ever worry about what would happen if we died? Maybe we did a little bit, but not like we do now. Heck, after having a baby, we’re constantly thinking about the what ifs.

Life insurance education and coverage help reduce the stress and worry about those what ifs. And with less stress, you can focus more on the things that matter most.


5. Spend more time with your family

mom-and-her-daughters-are-playing-smTime with your family is precious. We totally get it. One day, you’re looking at a toddler, and then the next day, you’re sending him/her off to college. Your spare time should be spent with your family, not on decoding life insurance jargon and trying to figure out the nitty-gritty of life insurance.

When you have questions, you can always expect a personalized, straightforward answer from an Our Life Covered advisor. From getting a quote to choosing a beneficiary, our advisors support you so you can make more confident life insurance decisions (and without all that boring jargon).

So, why moms? Why Our Life Covered?

Because we’re moms, too.

We know what moms value most: family, time, ease, and convenience. And our experience is made for moms like you by moms like you.

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Marisa Cheatum


Marisa Cheatum

Marisa Cheatum is a Content Writer/UX Writer/Content Strategist for Our Life Covered. She produces creative copy and content that engages and motivates action. Marisa is based in San Antonio, Texas, where tacos are life. In her free time, Marisa loves to travel, watch Star Wars, spend time with family, and of course, eat lots of tacos (with salsa).


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