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4 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

June 20, 2018

Aaah, summertime! When we’re shivering in our snow boots and scraping the ice off our windshields in January, we long for sunny days and laugh at the notion of ever complaining about heat. But as the weather escalates from “picnic-perfect” warm to “the sidewalk might be melting my shoes” hot, sometimes we change our tune. Here are a few tips for keeping cool as the mercury rises this summer!


Drink lots of water.


Like, LOTS of water. Proper hydration helps your body regulate its internal temperature and helps you beat that sluggish feeling…you know, the one where you decide to take a jog and then realize half a mile away from your house that you’re too tired to lift your own feet.


Don’t wait until you’re thirsty…be proactive and sip water throughout the day. If you struggle with that (because let’s face it, despite the whole “foundation of life on our planet” thing, water isn’t the most exciting beverage), make infused water with fruit and/or herbs. You can also eat your way to better hydration by including fruits and veggies with high water content in your diet. A few water-rich foods are:


• Watermelon (you probably could have guessed that one)

• Cucumbers

• Strawberries

• Bell peppers

• Cantaloupe

• Lettuce

• Tomatoes

Does consuming tons of water mean you’ll have to take more bathroom breaks? Yes. But most bathrooms are air conditioned, so is that really such a bad thing?


Let your window treatments treat you to a cooler home.


Of course it’s nice to let the light in sometimes, but if you have standard double-paned windows, about 76% of that pretty sunshine turns into extra heat. Closing your blinds or curtains more during the summer months can help keep your house comfortable and your cooling system working less.


If you have horizontal slatted blinds, try tilting the slats upward to keep even more of the sun out. If you get a lot of direct sunlight, consider light blocking curtains (which you may already be familiar with if you’ve ever have a nap-resistant child).


Put a lid on it.


If you spend a lot of time outside, wear sunscreen, of course, but also consider wearing a great big hat. You might sacrifice a little peripheral vision, but you’ll be much cooler with a buffer between you and the sun. Your hat doesn’t have to be fancy…but it totally can be! Something with a wide brim—preferably made of a light-colored material—will be the most effective, but whether your style is more “park ranger” or “VIP section at the Kentucky Derby,” you’ll still be enjoying your own personal shade.


If you don’t have a ton of space in your closet to devote to millinery (as most of us sadly do not), a classic wide-brimmed straw hat is a great option because you can switch up your look with scarves, brooches, silk flowers, etc.


Give stress the cold shoulder.


Being stressed can make you feel hot. Being hot can make you feel stressed. It’s a big, sweaty spin cycle of no fun. This time of year can be busy, but try to find time to relax and reset whenever you can. Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:


• If you have a pool (or better yet, access to someone else’s pool, because taking care of a pool is a lot of work), use it as much as possible. Water is good for more than keeping you hydrated…a little H2O on the skin can help you keep your cool in more ways than one!


• If you don’t have access to a pool, try taking cool showers and/or keeping a misting bottle of rosewater (or just plain water) in the refrigerator to spritz with when you need a pick-me-up/cool-me-down.


• Put thick slices of ice-cold cucumbers over your eyes and give yourself 10 minutes to chill.


• Make lavender lemonade and sip it in the shade.

As more of an ongoing “stress less in the summertime” project, write a list of all the things that are bringing stress into your life. Once they’re all in front of you, start thinking about ways to eliminate those sources of stress, one by one.


Make the appointments you’ve been dreading—dentist, doctor, pet groomer, etc. Once they’re over, you can stop worrying about them (at least for awhile).


Say “no” more, if you say “yes” too much. Say “yes” more, if you say “no” too much.


Tackle the tasks that might seem impossible but are really important, like creating a monthly budget or making sure you have enough life insurance.


We can help you with that last one…and thanks to our completely clickable journey, you can shop for life insurance poolside, sipping an ice-cold lemonade. Here’s to staying cool and staying covered, by both life insurance and very large hats.

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