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3 Types of Unnecessary Risks We Take

April 18, 2018

When you think about living dangerously, what comes to mind? Skydiving and rock climbing? Fast cars and motorcycles? Maybe it’s the slower-moving, closer-to-earth perils that scare you, like cigarettes, tanning beds, and whatever fast food chicken nuggets are made out of.


The thing is, though, we ALL live a little dangerously. Whether you like to jump out of planes or you get sweaty palms just sitting in an exit row, you probably take more unnecessary risks than you think you do.


Driving Habits


We all know driving is a risk, but for many of us, it’s not exactly an unnecessary one. However, some of the things we do while we’re driving are pretty silly. We go faster than we should, we forget to use our turn signals, and more than ever, we multitask. Maybe it’s just sneaking a peek at your phone while you’re in traffic, or maybe it’s speeding down the highway while you search for the perfect GIF to describe your current mood, but none of it is necessary, and all of it is dangerous.


Impulse Spending


Reckless financial decisions are another thing most of us are guilty of, and again, there are different levels of risk, but they all affect our security. Maybe it’s just the occasional late-night Amazon purchase, or maybe it’s a much bigger problem, like gambling with money you can’t afford to lose. Or, perhaps it’s using your credit card to make extravagant purchases without having the money to cover even the minimum payments!


Inadequate Life Insurance Coverage


This is sort of a double-dip danger…the reason we should consider life insurance is because of all the other risks we take (avoidable or otherwise). And, not having enough coverage (or skipping it altogether) adds your family’s financial future to the list of things that could be in jeopardy.


What’s your risk personality?


Let’s take a quick one-question quiz to see where you fall on the scale of thrill-chaser to safe-spacer.


You’re enjoying a day at the amusement park with your family. What are you doing?


A. Standing in line for your third ride on the biggest, fastest, most loop-de-looping coaster at the park and chowing down on a hot dog that might have been on the roller grill since yesterday. YOLO!

B. Spending a small fortune trying to win a giant teddy bear even though you know all the games are rigged, because your four year old REALLY wants it. It probably won’t fit in the car, but there might be some bungee cords in the trunk leftover from the Christmas tree…

C. Making sure everyone has hand sanitizer and sunscreen, warning your kids not to eat pizza from the place where someone got food poisoning during your middle school field trip 20 years ago, and ducking out of the Tilt-a-Whirl line last minute because just watching it makes you a little nauseated. Does the gift shop sell Dramamine?


A is for Adrenaline Junkie. You’ve never met a limit you didn’t want to push or an edge you didn’t want to jump off of. You probably spent so much of your childhood at the ER that the nurses knew you by name. Maybe you still stay in touch on Facebook. You’ve had a lot of fun, and you’ve defied a lot of odds, but you’ve also had some close calls.


B is for Bad Decisions. Your brand of reckless behavior is a bit more subtle…you might not be risking your life, but you could be risking your quality of life by choosing instant gratification and quick fixes over long-term benefits. You WANT to make better decisions, but you get caught up in the moment, and there you are, playing that one last hand of Blackjack that breaks your winning streak…or, more realistically for most of us, buying one of everything from the dollar bins at Target or strapping a 6-foot stuffed animal to the roof of your car.


C is for Cautious…and while that might sound like a good thing, even caution can be dangerous if you overdo it. Worrying a little can keep you safe, but worrying a LOT can make you sick. Being careful can also make us overly confident. It’s easy to overestimate your immunity to misfortune when “safety first” is a personal mantra for you, but it’s still so important to have a plan in place for those common, everyday risks that can’t be avoided.


The point is, no one is invincible. None of us are 100% in control. Life is predictably unpredictable.


Some unnecessary risk examples are so small that we hardly even think about them. Stoplight text messages. High heels on an icy sidewalk. Putting off an oil change for too long. Eating the concession stand food during your kid’s t-ball games.


And some of them are big. Speeding down the highway while you write an email and drink a latte. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Eating that blowfish that can kill you if it’s not cut up in exactly the right way.


One of the unnecessary risks that approximately 40% of Americans take is not having life insurance.


It probably won’t surprise you that your life insurance premium is a mirror of where you fall on that risk-taking scale. The insurance definition of risk is: “The likelihood that an insured event will occur, requiring the insurer to pay a claim.” So for life insurance, that means that the less likely you are to die at an early age, the lower your premiums will probably be.


That means if you’re already avoiding danger like it’s your Aunt Edna’s jello salad at a family barbecue, you can probably protect your family with life insurance for next to nothing. And if you’d eat that lime green Jello concoction while jumping through a hoop of fire into a pool of sharks, the possibility of lower insurance premiums might motivate you to think about how risk prevention could be your next big adventure.


Life is full of risks, and life insurance can’t change all of them.


But what it CAN change is the risk of leaving your loved ones in a bad situation financially if something should happen to you. Our Life Covered℠ is here to help find coverage that makes sense for you…because knowing your family is protected is a pretty big thrill, no matter who you are!

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