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Protecting What Matters: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 19, 2017 7:04:00 AM

Guess what, folks?! It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month! It may not be quite as fun as, say, National Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is also coming up, FYI), but since there are over 30 million families in the United States who don’t have life insurance (and even more who may not have enough of it), it’s safe to say we could stand to get a little more familiar with the subject (or, as we might say on September 19, famili-AAARRR).


Using insurance to protect what we care about comes pretty naturally to us in most cases. Sometimes it’s mandatory, like car insurance, and sometimes it’s built into our work benefits, like health insurance often is. But, even when it’s completely at our discretion, we typically opt to insure things that we value. We buy coverage for our vehicles, our homes, our bodies, our cell phones, our televisions, and our jewelry. Heck, you might even have coverage for your coffee maker. A lot of us pay for those extended warranties and optional protection plans that we’re offered at the checkout because it seems like a small expense compared to the cost of replacement or repairs.


When it comes to life insurance, though, we’re a little more hesitant. With 30% of American households carrying no life insurance at all, we have to ask ourselves: why do we have an easier time protecting our stuff than our families? Let’s look at a few possible reasons…because identifying the problem is always the first step to finding the solution.


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Get In on the Ground Floor: Life Insurance for Young Professionals

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 11, 2017 1:33:42 PM

Landing your first “grownup” job is exciting. It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for, when all your hard work pays off with…well, more hard work. But at least it’s hard work with a salary and benefits. By the time that first direct deposit hits your bank account, you probably already have a long list of items to add to your new and improved monthly budget. Vacations that don’t involve airbrushed t-shirts or getting matching tattoos with your roommate on a whim. Happy hours with all your cool new young professional pals. A car manufactured recently enough to not have a tape deck. Shoes that say, “After I lead the heck out of this team meeting, I’m gonna be in a music video…or at least look really good standing in line at Chipotle.” Throw pillows, of course, because everyone knows the true measure of success is how many pillows you own just for decoration.


With a promising career in front of you, an inspiring group of colleagues around you, and a treadmill desk underneath you, it’s hard to imagine your life could be anything but long and prosperous. Unfortunately, there are some things you just have no control over, like the smell in the break room after your coworker microwaves fish sticks, the plot twists in Game of Thrones, and the certainty of your own future. After you check a few of the more fun items off your wish list (because hey, you deserve it), it might be time to double down on growing up.

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I Still Do: Habits for a Healthy Marriage

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 1, 2017 4:04:00 AM

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Do you play it safe and stay inside, or take a chance that the weather won’t ruin your big day and your grandma’s heirloom veil? Throw the party of the century (or at least one that will result in a trending hashtag), or have a smaller wedding budget and buy a bigger house? Even once you’ve made all the big, exciting decisions, like the dress and the venue and the honeymoon plans, and the small, tedious decisions, like the seating chart, wedding transportation and the passed appetizer selection, there are still a lot of variables that are simply out of your control. And a wedding is just one day.


Planning a marriage is impossible. A marriage (ideally) is the rest of your life, and your life (ideally) is long. Days upon days of decisions to make together, ranging from the small but volatile “What should we eat tonight?” to the more momentous “Should we have kids?” Days that you’d take your vows all over again, on a megaphone from a mountaintop, and days that you wonder how you can possibly continue to make things work with someone who puts empty cereal boxes back in the cupboard and wears socks to bed.


Marriage, much like your favorite smartphone apps, requires occasional updates…you know, for “bug fixes and performance improvements.” No matter how well you know your spouse on the day you say “I do,” you have to keep getting to know each other so you can say “I STILL do” years after the honeymoon is over. In fairy tale romances, the story usually ends with a nice, neat “happily ever after” once the dragon has been slain/the evil spell has been broken/the wicked stepmother has received karmic justice. In real life, that’s when the story is just getting started. True love can absolutely conquer all, but not without some work.


While every relationship is different, and you ultimately have to follow your hearts (and hope they send you in the same general direction), here’s a little marriage advice we think is pretty universal.


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Any Way You Slice It: Decisions to Make Before Your Next Birthday

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 29, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Birthdays are a personal new year -- a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future. A time to be grateful for one more spin around the sun, and perhaps a little wistful as you trade 365 days of youth for 365 days of wisdom. Maybe you like to honor the occasion at home, with family and cake. Maybe you like to go out with your friends and drink champagne. Do you celebrate all month long, or try to bring as little attention to your birthday as possible? Do you love the excitement of birthday gifts, or do you prefer to use the day as a fundraiser for your favorite cause?

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Back to School Like a Boss

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 25, 2017 5:48:00 AM


Ah, back to school time! Cute kids with fresh haircuts dominate our Facebook feeds. Pinterest is ablaze with ambitious lunchbox inspiration. And, if you haven’t picked up your spiral-bound notebooks, tissues, and TI-84 calculators yet, you might want to have a hearty breakfast and avoid wearing open-toed shoes in preparation for the wild-eyed wasteland that is the Target school supplies section. 

Maybe you have a brave little babe starting preschool. Maybe your little babe, in the blink of an eye, is a brand new adult starting college. Maybe YOU’RE the brand new adult starting college, or maybe you’re headed back that way after a break in the academic action. Whether you’re wiping away tears as your four year old marches into their very first classroom, shopping for extra-long twin sheets for your teenager’s dorm room, or trying to figure out a class schedule that works with your full time job, the beginning of the school year is a great time to reflect and reorganize.

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Growing From the STEM Up: Root Problems of the Tech Gender Gap

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 22, 2017 10:07:26 AM

Take a minute to think about how you use technology. Maybe you’re part of the uncompromising analog minority, your flip phone clipped to your hip and your fingertips vaguely gray from turning the actual pages of the morning paper. Chances are, though, your life is powered by a series of apps and devices, and your day looks something like this:

Wake up to the sound of your iPhone alarm, check the Nest cam to see if the kids are still sleeping, ask Alexa to read you the weather forecast while you brush your teeth. Ask Alexa to add toothpaste to your shopping list.

Scroll through the headlines on your tablet, order your coffee on the Starbucks app, check your calendar.

Check your Fitbit. Call the dentist, the vet, the chiropractor, and your mom while you walk around the house in circles to get your steps in. Check your Fitbit again.

Set the thermostat and the home security system from your phone before you pull out of the driveway. Ask Siri to play your “Morning Commute” playlist.

Drop off the kids, pick up your coffee, go to the office, and sit down in front of another device with a screen for eight hours.

Stop at the grocery store and wonder why your shopping list has “truth steaks” on it. Get home and remember you’re out of toothpaste. Tell Alexa she’s getting replaced by a ballpoint pen and a post-it note.

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Hatch a Plan: Practical Nesting for Modern Moms

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 17, 2017 7:29:49 AM

No type of shelter represents a greater labor of love than a nest. Tiny pieces of the surrounding world, gathered together and strategically transformed into a space soft and safe enough to keep the most fragile shells intact until new life is ready to burst through them. Nests are built to exact specifications to protect and comfort their contents.

This is why, even though not all babies are hatched, most mamas feel that nesting urge. We register for our baby showers, researching and comparing and furiously adding to our Pinterest boards until every last onesie, blanket, tube of diaper cream, and weird booger-sucking device is part of a curated collection. When we’re preparing to welcome little ones into the world, we want the welcome to be warm, and because having a baby is kind of a big deal, sometimes we go a little overboard.

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The Rest of Us: A Look at Guaranteed Life Insurance

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 9, 2017 5:58:00 AM

As access and exposure to information increase, we’re better equipped to make more mindful choices. We sign up for online meal plans to help us eat better. We strap on our Fitbits to motivate us to exercise more. We download apps to remind us when we’re blowing through our monthly budgets. But one thing we REALLY have trouble doing is prioritizing life insurance.

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Life, Life Insurance, and the Laundry: We Have You Covered

Posted by Our Life Covered on Aug 2, 2017 1:12:11 PM

What does laundry day look like at your house?

Is EVERY day laundry day, or do you wait until your whole family is down to mismatched emergency socks and a questionable assortment of t-shirts from 5Ks and science camps?

Do you like to live on the edge and just dump the whole hamper right into the washing machine without so much as checking a pocket or glancing at a tag? Or do you separate colors and fabrics meticulously, unrolling every shirt sleeve and un-bunching every sock?

Are you loyal to your favorite brand of detergent, or do you just buy whatever’s on sale and hope it doesn’t smell like the potpourri at your grandma’s house? Fabric softener, dryer sheets, or those wool balls that always seem to end up lodged in the ankle of your skinny jeans?

Bleach or borax? Iron or steam? Fold, hang, or keep restarting the dryer to postpone doing either for as long as possible?

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Planes, Our Brains & the Fast Lane: Living in an Insta-World

Posted by Our Life Covered on Jul 26, 2017 3:25:40 PM

In so many ways, the general velocity of living has increased exponentially over the past few decades. Technology has made everything so much faster and so much more accessible that we start to twitch when gratification is anything but instant. Snap a photo, there it is, without so much as a Polaroid shake. TV is on demand, news is real time, music is streaming, and you can ask Alexa to read you the weather report or put in your order at Starbucks before you even get out of bed. We click, tap, swipe, and scan our way through the day with only a vague memory of how things used to be before we were all fitted with wallet-sized super computers.

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