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Fashion, Beauty & Life Insurance: Never Go Out of Style

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 16, 2017 3:08:28 PM



OK, who here loves fashion? A lot of us, right?! Whether you’re the queen of jeans or your makeup bag exceeds the maximum dimensions for carryon luggage, it’s fun to express yourself through clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair.


There’s nothing better than going to the mall and finding exactly what you’re looking for. THE little black dress to end all little black dresses. A lip gloss that’s shiny but doesn’t stick to your hair like superglue at the first hint of a breeze. A bag that’s super cute but also has enough space for diapers, applesauce pouches, and the 27 matchbox cars your kid insisted on bringing to the grocery store.


Chances are, though, that little jump in your heart rate that happens when you think about shopping doesn’t extend to shopping for a life insurance policy. Life insurance is one of those things we know we probably need but are never that excited about buying, like high fiber cereal or those weirdly expensive air filters for your HVAC system. We’re here to show you that life insurance and fashion aren’t as different as you’d think. Just sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.


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Uncovered: How Lacking Life Insurance Can Impact Your Family

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 7, 2017 12:39:00 PM


If you’re living without life insurance, it’s probably because either:

 a. It’s just not on your radar…if no one’s ever approached you about it, and you haven’t had access to accurate information, it’s totally possible that you simply haven’t thought about how important it might be to have coverage. 

b. You’re aware that life insurance is important, and you’ve considered it, but ultimately you decided that there were more critical line items on the household budget and opted to take your chances.

The first scenario is easier to work with, because educating yourself about life insurance could make all the difference. Scenario B, though, is a bit tougher, because changing your mind about something is more complicated than changing your level of understanding. If you’ve already convinced yourself that there are more pressing things to spend money on than a life insurance policy, it may require some rewiring of your brain. That’s where we come in…not to shock you, but just to redirect the current with a little bit of real talk.

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Facing the Facts: Mustaches and Men’s Health

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 1, 2017 2:14:17 PM

Ah, November…the month that we all ask ourselves, “Where did this year GO?!” and then desperately try to knock out the last 75% of our New Year’s resolutions while seamlessly transitioning from one holiday to the next without any sugar-induced meltdowns, dry turkeys, or twinkle light-related injuries. It’s also a month during which even the most well-groomed men in your life may abruptly go rogue with their facial hair.

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Spooky but Safe: Tips for a Happier Halloween

Posted by Our Life Covered on Oct 26, 2017 7:54:34 AM


Halloween is a celebration of scary.

We binge on horror movies, deck our houses out with spiders and bats (and hope that any actual spiders and bats passing by don’t get the wrong idea), and pay admission to be chased around by creepy clowns and hungry zombies and all the other characters from our worst nightmares and our favorite TV shows. We get scared on purpose, because if we know it’s all pretend, it’s easy to just shake off the shivers when we’re done with them.

While the monsters might be make-believe, there are some very real safety concerns to be aware of on Halloween. Does this mean you should skip the festivities and just sit at home in the light of your Pinterest-inspired jack-o-lanterns trying to figure out which cobwebs are real and which ones are decorative? Absolutely not! We’re here to share a few tricks to help make your Halloween nothing but a treat.

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How Parents Talk Themselves Out of Life Insurance

Posted by Our Life Covered on Oct 17, 2017 10:48:23 AM



Most of us find a way to procrastinate when it comes to life insurance. We reason that we’re too young, too healthy, too careful, too unattached…and most of all, that there are just too many other things to spend our hard-earned money on. Often, having a baby is the milestone that flips the switch. Being a parent eliminates any question there may have been about whether anyone really depends on your income.


There will be a lot of gray areas post-children, like the difference between a healthy incentive and an end-of-your-rope bribe, the benefits of organic fruit snacks versus those bright blue ones with the goo in the middle that you loved as a kid, and that spot on your living room wall where you tried to clean up a Sharpie drawing with a Magic Eraser…but the importance of protecting your family is pretty black and white.

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Pink Ribbons + Strong Women: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Our Life Covered on Oct 10, 2017 2:04:00 PM

Every October, as the leaves are turning shades of red and orange, the rest of the world turns pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thirty-one days of pink-sprinkled everything may seem more like a symbol than substance, but when you see it everywhere from the foil top on your favorite yogurt to the cleats on your favorite football player’s feet, that color begins to get our attention. It acts as a highlighter, reminding us not to skim past the terrible reality that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. 1 in 8. The next time you’re chatting about a hot new bestseller at book club or enjoying a much-needed girls’ night out, look around at your friends. Odds are, at least one of you will have to fight breast cancer at some point. Maybe it’s already happened.


If that statistic has you glancing around for the closest appropriate place to perform a self-breast exam, that’s the reason we need Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s about more than just tying a pink ribbon around an ugly truth…it’s a gentle, rose-colored reminder that until we know more about how to actually prevent breast cancer, our best defense against it is early detection.


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Female Founders in Tech: Competition Sponsored by Our Life Covered

Posted by Our Life Covered on Oct 3, 2017 8:04:00 AM

Recently, we blogged about the challenges that women in the technology industry face. Our Life Covered℠ is a part of RGAx, an innovation accelerator for Reinsurance Group of America (RGA). As a business powered by women and designed to educate women about their life insurance needs and provide them with a smart, simple way to shop for a policy, the fight to improve gender equality is one that means a lot to our team at Our Life Covered.


When a community is being underserved, it’s important to speak up. To advocate for each other, whether it’s as an ally or a member of the group in question. Women are literally the largest community in the world, and since they’re being underserved on both sides of what we do (in the tech industry and the life insurance industry), we’re pretty invested in being part of the solution.


That desire to help change the story is why Our Life Covered℠, through RGAx, is so excited to be a sponsor of the Quesnay’s Female Founders in Tech Competition! This contest was created to recognize and support women-led startups in the financial technology and insurance technology space. Quesnay asks simply, “What products and solutions have female founders and leaders created that are relevant to the financial services and / or insurance industries and that positively impact wellness / inclusion?”


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Protecting What Matters: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 19, 2017 7:04:00 AM

Guess what, folks?! It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month! It may not be quite as fun as, say, National Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is also coming up, FYI), but since there are over 30 million families in the United States who don’t have life insurance (and even more who may not have enough of it), it’s safe to say we could stand to get a little more familiar with the subject (or, as we might say on September 19, famili-AAARRR).


Using insurance to protect what we care about comes pretty naturally to us in most cases. Sometimes it’s mandatory, like car insurance, and sometimes it’s built into our work benefits, like health insurance often is. But, even when it’s completely at our discretion, we typically opt to insure things that we value. We buy coverage for our vehicles, our homes, our bodies, our cell phones, our televisions, and our jewelry. Heck, you might even have coverage for your coffee maker. A lot of us pay for those extended warranties and optional protection plans that we’re offered at the checkout because it seems like a small expense compared to the cost of replacement or repairs.


When it comes to life insurance, though, we’re a little more hesitant. With 30% of American households carrying no life insurance at all, we have to ask ourselves: why do we have an easier time protecting our stuff than our families? Let’s look at a few possible reasons…because identifying the problem is always the first step to finding the solution.


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Get In on the Ground Floor: Life Insurance for Young Professionals

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 11, 2017 1:33:42 PM

Landing your first “grownup” job is exciting. It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for, when all your hard work pays off with…well, more hard work. But at least it’s hard work with a salary and benefits. By the time that first direct deposit hits your bank account, you probably already have a long list of items to add to your new and improved monthly budget. Vacations that don’t involve airbrushed t-shirts or getting matching tattoos with your roommate on a whim. Happy hours with all your cool new young professional pals. A car manufactured recently enough to not have a tape deck. Shoes that say, “After I lead the heck out of this team meeting, I’m gonna be in a music video…or at least look really good standing in line at Chipotle.” Throw pillows, of course, because everyone knows the true measure of success is how many pillows you own just for decoration.


With a promising career in front of you, an inspiring group of colleagues around you, and a treadmill desk underneath you, it’s hard to imagine your life could be anything but long and prosperous. Unfortunately, there are some things you just have no control over, like the smell in the break room after your coworker microwaves fish sticks, the plot twists in Game of Thrones, and the certainty of your own future. After you check a few of the more fun items off your wish list (because hey, you deserve it), it might be time to double down on growing up.

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I Still Do: Habits for a Healthy Marriage

Posted by Our Life Covered on Sep 1, 2017 4:04:00 AM

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Do you play it safe and stay inside, or take a chance that the weather won’t ruin your big day and your grandma’s heirloom veil? Throw the party of the century (or at least one that will result in a trending hashtag), or have a smaller wedding budget and buy a bigger house? Even once you’ve made all the big, exciting decisions, like the dress and the venue and the honeymoon plans, and the small, tedious decisions, like the seating chart, wedding transportation and the passed appetizer selection, there are still a lot of variables that are simply out of your control. And a wedding is just one day.


Planning a marriage is impossible. A marriage (ideally) is the rest of your life, and your life (ideally) is long. Days upon days of decisions to make together, ranging from the small but volatile “What should we eat tonight?” to the more momentous “Should we have kids?” Days that you’d take your vows all over again, on a megaphone from a mountaintop, and days that you wonder how you can possibly continue to make things work with someone who puts empty cereal boxes back in the cupboard and wears socks to bed.


Marriage, much like your favorite smartphone apps, requires occasional updates…you know, for “bug fixes and performance improvements.” No matter how well you know your spouse on the day you say “I do,” you have to keep getting to know each other so you can say “I STILL do” years after the honeymoon is over. In fairy tale romances, the story usually ends with a nice, neat “happily ever after” once the dragon has been slain/the evil spell has been broken/the wicked stepmother has received karmic justice. In real life, that’s when the story is just getting started. True love can absolutely conquer all, but not without some work.


While every relationship is different, and you ultimately have to follow your hearts (and hope they send you in the same general direction), here’s a little marriage advice we think is pretty universal.


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