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Body, Mind…Wallet? Total Life Fitness + How You Can Find It

Posted by Our Life Covered on Jan 16, 2018


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Most of us have fitness on the mind this time of year. Even if it isn’t typically your first priority, there’s something about a month-long marathon of cookie nibbling and eggnog sipping that makes you want to dust off the treadmill in the basement and take your yoga pants to yoga for the first time in a while. When we say “fitness,” we’re usually talking about physical fitness…how many miles we can run, how many pounds we can lift, how many sun salutations we can do before our arms give out.


A healthy body is just part of the equation, though…which is why this year, we suggest making your personal fitness plan a three-parter:


Physical fitness

Mental fitness

Financial fitness

This might seem like a lot to tackle, but the good news is, these don’t need to be entirely separate objectives. Instead of three parallel lines, think of it as a triangle, each side stronger because the other two are supporting it.


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Reflect + Resolve: How Small Wins Help Us Reach Big Goals

Posted by Our Life Covered on Jan 9, 2018


How’s your year going? Sure, we’re not too far into it yet, but there’s something a little magical about beginnings, isn’t there? Of course a rocky start doesn’t mean 365 days of obstacles, and a strong one doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, but there’s an energy right now that we all want to harness.


Maybe you think New Year’s resolutions are silly and didn’t make any. Maybe you love them and have been keeping a color-coded record in your bullet journal (hello, last year’s resolution). Maybe January snuck up on you, like a chilly finger tapping your shoulder on that first post-holiday commute, and you hastily threw together a laundry list of good intentions to pave the road in front of you. Whatever the case, it feels a little less impossible, this time of year, to keep all the promises we make to ourselves.


Sometimes in the flurry of deciding what we want to add to our lives and what we want to get rid of, though, we forget about all the good things that we should just…keep. Under the high-contrast filter of motivation, we only see the things we can’t stand about ourselves and the things we desperately want to do and be. But what about the progress we’ve already made? What about everything we’re already doing right? This January, we invite you to balance resolve with reflection…to build upward from an already strong base instead of knocking yourself down and starting over.


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Radiant Resolutions: How to Tackle 2018

Posted by Our Life Covered on Dec 28, 2017



It all starts with Thanksgiving. “I’ll eat a salad tomorrow,” you whisper to yourself, as you put another dollop of whipped cream on your second piece of pie or sneak to the fridge for a midnight turkey sandwich. But then you wake up the next morning and realize that just like that, the holiday season is in full swing, and every time you RSVP to another cookie exchange or cocktail party, you resign yourself a little more to being in a stretchy-pants-and-sugar haze for the rest of the year.


Then January rolls around, and without the forgiving glow of Christmas lights and the extra endorphins of holiday cheer to soften things, you realize that you feel a lot like that huge pile of garbage you took out after your New Year’s Eve party.


Not to worry, though! GET HEALTHY is already written in bold on your list of resolutions for the upcoming year, so that’s basically taken care of, right? Maybe, if you’re some kind of superhuman goal-crusher with enough willpower to consistently ditch your flannel sheets for a cold morning run or to pass up the grocery store Starbucks kiosk, but most of us won’t succeed unless we break that really big resolution into a bunch of smaller, more manageable ones.


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A Cup of Cheer: Tips for Hosting a Happier Holiday Party

Posted by Our Life Covered on Dec 12, 2017

Hosting a holiday party should be fun…not just for your guests, but for you, too! Unfortunately, entertaining can leave your spirit feeling more broken (or broke) than bright, especially this time of year, when you feel like you’re literally trying to juggle jingle bells 24/7. We’re here to bring a little more joy to your world with a few helpful hints for keeping your seasonal soirees simple and smart…just like Our Life Covered℠!


Have a plan.


This might seem overly obvious, but it’s amazing how often we set things in motion without really thinking them through. Before you get caught up in a festive moment and start inviting everyone from your best friend to your barista over to your house for a cup of cheer, take some time to think about what kind of cheer you’re going for and, if you’re one to follow glassware conventions, what kind of cups you’ll need to hold it.


Midmorning mimosas with a light brunch? Craft beer and a crockpot of chili? Wine pairings for a multi-course dinner? Martinis and oysters? Coffee and cookies? There’s no wrong direction to go…you just have to pick one so you don’t end up as tangled as those twinkle lights you just pulled out of the garage.


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Life Insurance: A Good Decision Inspired by Bad News

Posted by Our Life Covered on Dec 5, 2017

We know that bad things happen.


We see them happening when we turn on the 5 o’clock news and find out about another devastating hurricane or senseless shooting.


We see them happening every time an obituary for an old college friend or a GoFundMe link for a bereaved family pops up amidst the photos of cute kids and date night selfies on our social media feeds.


We see them happening on the side of the highway as we drive to pick our children up from school, and we grip the wheel a little tighter as we pass by blue lights and tangled metal.


We see them happening to our own friends, and our own family.


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A Seat at the Table: Giving Thanks + Getting Covered

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 22, 2017



Oven-roasted turkey. Deep-fried turkey. Salt-brined turkey. Flaming Hot Cheeto-encrusted turkey. Smoked turkey. Tofurky. No turkey.


There are a lot of different ways to serve up Thanksgiving dinner. But whether you’re sitting around a Pinterest-perfect dining room table eating homemade pumpkin pie or around a wobbly coffee table eating the fortune cookies that came with your Chinese takeout, chances are, you’re spending time with the people you love.


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Fashion, Beauty & Life Insurance: Never Go Out of Style

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 16, 2017



OK, who here loves fashion? A lot of us, right?! Whether you’re the queen of jeans or your makeup bag exceeds the maximum dimensions for carryon luggage, it’s fun to express yourself through clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair.


There’s nothing better than going to the mall and finding exactly what you’re looking for. THE little black dress to end all little black dresses. A lip gloss that’s shiny but doesn’t stick to your hair like superglue at the first hint of a breeze. A bag that’s super cute but also has enough space for diapers, applesauce pouches, and the 27 matchbox cars your kid insisted on bringing to the grocery store.


Chances are, though, that little jump in your heart rate that happens when you think about shopping doesn’t extend to shopping for a life insurance policy. Life insurance is one of those things we know we probably need but are never that excited about buying, like high fiber cereal or those weirdly expensive air filters for your HVAC system. We’re here to show you that life insurance and fashion aren’t as different as you’d think. Just sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.


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Uncovered: How Lacking Life Insurance Can Impact Your Family

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 7, 2017


If you’re living without life insurance, it’s probably because either:

 a. It’s just not on your radar…if no one’s ever approached you about it, and you haven’t had access to accurate information, it’s totally possible that you simply haven’t thought about how important it might be to have coverage. 

b. You’re aware that life insurance is important, and you’ve considered it, but ultimately you decided that there were more critical line items on the household budget and opted to take your chances.

The first scenario is easier to work with, because educating yourself about life insurance could make all the difference. Scenario B, though, is a bit tougher, because changing your mind about something is more complicated than changing your level of understanding. If you’ve already convinced yourself that there are more pressing things to spend money on than a life insurance policy, it may require some rewiring of your brain. That’s where we come in…not to shock you, but just to redirect the current with a little bit of real talk.

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Facing the Facts: Mustaches and Men’s Health

Posted by Our Life Covered on Nov 1, 2017

Ah, November…the month that we all ask ourselves, “Where did this year GO?!” and then desperately try to knock out the last 75% of our New Year’s resolutions while seamlessly transitioning from one holiday to the next without any sugar-induced meltdowns, dry turkeys, or twinkle light-related injuries. It’s also a month during which even the most well-groomed men in your life may abruptly go rogue with their facial hair.

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Spooky but Safe: Tips for a Happier Halloween

Posted by Our Life Covered on Oct 26, 2017


Halloween is a celebration of scary.

We binge on horror movies, deck our houses out with spiders and bats (and hope that any actual spiders and bats passing by don’t get the wrong idea), and pay admission to be chased around by creepy clowns and hungry zombies and all the other characters from our worst nightmares and our favorite TV shows. We get scared on purpose, because if we know it’s all pretend, it’s easy to just shake off the shivers when we’re done with them.

While the monsters might be make-believe, there are some very real safety concerns to be aware of on Halloween. Does this mean you should skip the festivities and just sit at home in the light of your Pinterest-inspired jack-o-lanterns trying to figure out which cobwebs are real and which ones are decorative? Absolutely not! We’re here to share a few tricks to help make your Halloween nothing but a treat.

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