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Partnering With Women To Help Protect Their Families

Our Life Covered℠ is your partner during the life insurance buying process. Our purpose is to make it easy and affordable for women to get life insurance coverage, and we’re dedicated to helping you find the right policy.

We understand the responsibilities and expenses of younger women purchasing life insurance. That's why we've tailored our process specifically to you. We want to help women like you get started with life insurance, in order to help protect your legacy and your family if you were gone.

letter from our founder


I have been a life insurance marketing executive for over 25 years, and I’ve dedicated myself to the industry. In college, I became a licensed sales rep, and on my second week, I delivered a benefit check to a family who just lost a parent. A 32-year-old father of three was unexpectedly killed in a car accident.

I still vividly remember the experience. I rushed over to the home and stood on the doorstep. I informed a young woman that I was from the life insurance company, and that I had her benefit check. I was immediately embraced. She cried and screamed with tears and praised Jesus. Her children were beautiful– 4 months, 3, and 5. I couldn’t do anything but join in crying. I could feel (and still feel) the rush of grief and relief that consumed both of us in that moment.

The check was her financial lifeline to help keep her children in a home. It meant that she had time to get things in order and still make her house and car payments. After 20 minutes of getting through our emotions, we calmed down, and she asked me if I could help her with budgeting. She collected her bills, so she could figure out how she was going to make ends meet. This was a stranger, but she quickly became a "sister” and someone that I had the pleasure to support and offer guidance. Fortunately, the life insurance check kept her afloat for almost 3 years, and she was also insistent that she get additional insurance coverage on her own life. Our journey together has continued on, filled with happy events and celebrations for both her and her children – all impacted by a life insurance check that helped prevent a sad outcome.

With this experience emblazoned on my brain, I have a personal mission to make certain that women of all ages think about how they can better protect the loved ones they or their spouse could leave behind. Women need tools to proactively participate in family finances, and we want to make it easier for them to get life insurance coverage.

I believe there is a lack of education and resources for women to better understand how life insurance can help prevent poverty. So, I have sought out a team of other women (and a few men) to create a program that helps women through the entire process – not just buying the coverage, but engaging with women after the policy is issued – all designed to help women holistically live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives. We want women to have confidence that if something were to happen, we will hold the hands of their loved ones and help them with their financial and emotional well-being. We will be there as support so families can quickly receive benefits, as well as help them with decisions, such as what type of payout is best for the family: a monthly payout to support living expenses or a lump sum check. There are a lot of decisions with different financial implications, but our role is to help educate, inform, protect, and provide – using thoughtful and caring support – and digital capabilities to help keep up with our fast-paced lives.

OUR LIFE COVEREDSM empowers women to learn more about how life insurance can help provide peace of mind and help protect the people they love. We have digital processing to help provide the education and resources necessary to get coverage quickly and easily, and we have a team of experts who are just a phone call away. We believe that every conversation about life insurance should be a conversation about life— to support a happy journey and a happy outcome for our loved ones.


Donna Jermer
Founder of Our Life CoveredSM