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Unlike the perfect selfies people share,

Life. Isn't. Always. Pretty.

Our Life CoveredSM can help you find affordable life insurance on your terms, protecting your family from the unexpected.

Find affordable life insurance on your terms.

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Affordable Life Insurance Premiums

Do I really need life insurance?

These three questions can help you decide.

1. What is your marital status?
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Here’s a hard truth: a lasagna fundraiser after the funeral is probably not going to be enough to pay the bills if something were to happen to you or your spouse. Protecting the person you share your life with is a great reason to consider life insurance.

Protect your future self...

Even if you’re still single, getting affordable life insurance coverage now could be a good idea. Typically, younger people in good health can qualify for the best prices on life insurance and lock in their rate for up to 20 years.

2. Do you have any children?
Leave them with more than just memories and old holiday decorations...

For many parents, having life insurance is an important way to make sure their children can afford the best education possible, or a solid inheritance with which to start their own life.

It doesn’t take kids to be a family.

You may not have little ones, but there are probably others in your life that you want to care for after you’re gone. Most policies allow you to select whomever you want as beneficiaries.

3. Are you paying off a home mortgage?
Home is even sweeter when it’s paid off.

One of the most common reasons people buy life insurance is to make sure that their loved ones are able to keep up with mortgage payments and keep a roof over their heads.

Hey, someone has to pay the rent.

Did you know that in some states, renting a home can cost over 50% more per month than owning. Regardless of whether you own or rent, your family will likely need help keeping up with payments.

So what’s the verdict?
Are you ready to create a safety net for your loved ones?
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Term Life Insurance:

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